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Fortwilliam Park, Belfast,
BT15 4AR,
028 9078 4200
Woodwind Department
The woodwind department covers three areas:
  • Teaching in EA Belfast Region primary/secondary/grammar schools during the normal school day.
  • CBSM Senior School - advanced lessons and groups for students 11+ in the evenings and on Saturday mornings
  • CBSM Junior School - beginner lessons and wind groups for children in Primary 5-7 in the late afternoons and on Saturday mornings
Senior School

Preferred age of entry?
Usually aged 11 + upwards
Standard at entry?
Usually starting at Grade 2 + upwardsWhat is provided for students? 
Individual lessons, Aural/Theory lessons, a Group Activity, performance opportunities and a practice record book.What must students provide? 
Tutor books, technical study books, scale books, pieces, reeds.Attendance & practice requirements?
Regular attendance at lessons and Group Activities.  Daily practice times vary depending on standard. Tutors will advise

Associated groups
Junior Band, Intermediate Band, Concert Band and Big BandConcert Orchestra, City of Belfast Youth OrchestraClarinet Ensemble, Flute Ensemble
Head of Woodwind 
Miss Suzanne Kelly